Brenda Marsh has kindly contributed her write up of Mary’s career, which Brenda read at our AGM. For those who missed it, please read below:

As OHNANS celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, it is very fitting that we have the privilege today to honour one of our life long members, Mary Hureau. Mary attained her OHN Certification in 1981 with the American Board for Occupational Health Nurses Incorporated and in 1984 became a COHN(C) in the first specialty certified nurse group in Canada. She maintains those credentials today. For the past 40 years, Mary has been member of OHNANS, being instrumental in the formation of OHNANS in 1974, holding Executive offices as Vice President (1979-1981) and President (1981-1982).

Mary’s varied work experiences have incorporated developmental strategies and community health planning throughout. She has worked in the Caribbean with CUSO and as Health Nurse in University Botswana, Lesotho & Swaziland. Back on home soil, she held the position of Health Director for Atlantic Foundation for Occupational & Environmental in her district for 4 years. The position of Director of Staff Development at Strait Regional Hospital allowed her the opportunity to focus on staff education, infection control, volunteer, pastoral & palliative care for the next 11 years.

From 1997 -2001 as Coordinator of Community Planning, Mary worked with Eastern Regional Health Board during the establishment of Community Health Boards. Continuing with that same interest, she worked for 5 years as Community Health Planner for Guysborough Antigonish Strait Health Authority, collaborating with a wide number of stakeholders. A highlight of her life during this time frame was receiving the Health Advocacy Award in 2005 from the College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia.

Mary believes in lifelong learning and in 2006 she received her BScN from St. Francis Xavier University. Since that time she has worked as relief Public Health Nurse, and is employed by St F X as a Clinical Associate and Nurse Educator. This brings Mary full circle – after graduation from St. Rita’s Nursing School, she was first employed at St Martha’s Hospital in Antigonish.

As we hear the highlights of Mary’s many and varied work experiences, I can’t help but wonder how many people’s lives have been touched, changed and improved with her dedication to her profession and community. I’m sure she has many stories to share. On behalf of the OHNANS Executive, it is my honour to present to you the Nickerson-Thomas Recognition Award 2014.