What does OHNANS stand for?

Occupational Health Nurses Association Nova Scotia

Who is the OHNANS’ member?

Occupational Health Nurses, nurses or student nurses interested in excelling in the field of Occupational Health. Associate members are also welcome.

What is an Occupational Health Nurse (OHN)?

OHN is a job title. It is not a designation, certification or licensed term. It is a job title. In Canada, Occupational Health Nurses (OHN’s) are Registered Nurses holding a diploma or degree in nursing and a variety of additional qualifications and experience.
An Occupational Health Nurse is a registered nurse Practicing in the specialty of Occupational Health, Safety, Environmental and Wellness to deliver integrated occupational health, safety, environmental and wellness services to individual workers and worker populations. Occupational Health Nursing encompasses the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health and the prevention of illness and injury.


  • may have a master’s degree/diploma/certificate in Occupational Health from a community college or from a University.
  • may be certified in Occupational Health Nursing. Certification indicates the nurse has met specific eligibility requirements, passed a written exam and has met a national standard of competency in Occupational Health that demonstrates commitment to nursing excellence and continued competence. In Canada, expertise unique to this specialty is recognized with initials COHN(C), granted by the Canadian Nurses Association(www.can-nurses.ca). The initials COHN or COHN(S) recognize US Certification. These are marks of distinction for Occupational Health Nursing Excellence.
  • are guided by Standards of Occupational Health Nursing Practice in Canada and by various Acts within the provincial or federal legislation.
  • must be licensed to practice in their respective provinces.
  • are held accountable in practice by their licensing body.
  • in Nova Scotia are also members of the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc. /Association Canadienne des Infirmieres et Infirmiers en Sante du Travail Inc. (COHNA/ACIIST). COHNA/ACIIST(http://www.cohna-aciist.ca/) is a professional association, committed to promoting excellence in the practice of occupational health nursing and advancing health, wellness and safety practices in the workplace by:
  1. Developing national standards and guidelines;
  2. Fostering working relationships between Provincial/Territorial Associations;
  3. Providing a forum for members to network, exchange knowledge and share expertise;
  4. Influencing legislation and regulations to improve the health and safety of workers; and
  5. Promoting the diverse role of the occupational health nurse to business, community, government and professional
  6. affiliates at every opportunity
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