Who Are We?

OHNANS is a not-profit professional association of Occupational Health Nurses organized to:

  • Promote and highlight Occupational Health Nursing to ensure its viability as a long standing, important discipline in Health Care.
  • Provide education, support and training to the membership, other Occupational Health Nurses and others who can impact health in this province.
  • Promote Occupational Health Nursing standards of professional practice, which align with the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc. /Association Canadienne desinfirmières et infirmiers en santé du travail Inc. (COHNA/ACIIST).

OHNANS History

  • Founded 40 years ago by a small group of occupational health nurses dedicated to health promotion and injury and illness prevention.
  • OHNANS is a provincially-based organization and a member of the COHNA/ACIIST.
  • OHNANS’s annual awards program recognizes leaders and innovators in Nova Scotia’s occupational health environment.

Benefits of OHNANS Membership

Specialized Continuous Learning Opportunities & Resources

  • Annual professional continuous learning opportunities that include sessions that will challenge your thinking and provide practical insight into emerging issues that allows you to transfer your knowledge to the health and safety management systems in your organization.
  • Opportunity to gain the professional edge your career needs through CNA’s COHN(C) designation.
  • High quality and informative professional continuous learning.
  • Newsletters with current learning.

Staying Connected

  • Dedicated COHNA/ACIIST representation to access national information.
  • Strong liaison with other OHN professional organizations in provinces and territories across Canada.
  • A resource for every OHNANS member, which includes information specially tailored to OHNANS members’ needs, including job postings.
  • OHNANS e-newsletter is published twice a year, and contains valuable occupational health related articles and news, OHNANS updates, and member spotlights.
  • Social networking opportunities that help establish online health related discussions.
  • Member Directory allows members to connect with one another across the country.


  • Members receive discounts on all of the Association’s continuous learning sessions.
  • Members are offered discounted rates at the annual COHNA/ACIIST continuous learning event.

Opportunities to Showcase OHNs!

  • We deliver presentation to peers, SSNS, Dal, St FXU, etc. This is a priceless opportunity to showcase our stuff at little cost:
  • Looks good on a resume.
  • Other employer will notice you.
  • Recognition by your employer!
  • Potential for career advancement!
  • CNA Continuous Learning hours are awarded for presentations greater than 30 min!
  • To maintain an active-practising (RN) licence in Nova Scotia (CRRNS), we must meet the requirements of the College’s Continuing Competence Program (CCP). Delivering an Occupational Heath presentation at a provincial conference is a great way to maintain your licence.

How do I become a member?

Fill out a membership application in the form section or contact the membership secretary whose name and address can be found under the Contact Us section of the web site.

What opportunities are available for mentoring, preceptor ship or job shadowing?
Occupational Health Nurses are employed throughout Nova Scotia in many types of industries, companies, hospitals, institutions and work areas. Industrial locations such as manufacturing plants, offshore, service industries such as insurance companies and independent practice are among the many opportunities for students to learn about occupational health nursing.

What can students expect to learn?
Depending on the length of placement, workplace and projects completed, students can expect to obtain an overview of occupational health nursing. There are other opportunities for assistance with practical exams in audiometry, spirometry and vision. Involvement in program planning, implementation and evaluation as well as more specific learning experiences will vary according to placement.