Assesses the needs related to occupational health and safety (considering relevant legislation, hazards, personnel, and community resources).

Plans, develops and directs the occupational health service activities and programs.

Communicates and collaborates with others on health and safety issues and related policy development with professional colleagues, labor and management representatives and community agencies.

Resolves conflicts and issues related to confidential information.

Develops and maintains complete and accurate health records on individual employees including health history, work history, results of health examinations, medical and lab reports, ongoing health surveillance, baseline measurements, immunization data, and recommendations/referrals.

Maintains employee health information in a secure and confidential manner. This may be print or electronic records.

Establishes and maintains information related to health and safety programs such as workplace inspections, accident reports and investigations, harmful substances used, worker exposure, area monitoring, emergency drills, health and safety training.

Provides statistical and/or narrative reports to management as required.