What does OHN stand for?
Occupational Health Nurse.
What is an Occupational Health Nurse?
In Canada, Occupational Health Nurses (OHN’s) are Registered Nurses holding a diploma
or degree in nursing and a variety of additional qualifications and experience.

OHNs may also have a master’s degree/diploma/certificate in Occupational Health from a
community college or from a University. OHN’s may also be certified in Occupational Health
Nursing. Certification indicates the nurse has met specific eligibility requirements, passed a
written exam and has met a national standard of competency in Occupational Health through
the Canadian Nurses Association (www.can-nurses.ca). In Canada, expertise unique to this
specialty is recognized with initials COHN(C), granted by the Canadian Nurses Association.
The initials COHN or COHN(S) recognize US Certification. These are marks of distinction for
Occupational Health Nursing Excellence.

OHNs must be licensed to practice in their respective provinces. OHNs are guided by Standards
of Occupational Health Nursing Practice in Canada and by various Acts within the provincial or
federal legislation. OHNs are held accountable in practice by their licensing body.

OHNs may be members of the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association Inc.
Association Canadienne des Infirmieres et Infirmiers en Sante du Travail Inc. (COHNA/ACIIST)
and the professional association in their respective province. COHNA/ACIIST is a professional
association, which promotes continuing education to maintain a high degree of competence and
meet the ongoing challenges of the changing work environment.

How do I become a member?
Fill out a membership application in the form section or contact the membership secretary whose name and address can be found under the executive section of the web site. Application forms can be found in the OHNANS newsletter.
What does OHNANS stand for?
Occupational Health Nurses Association Nova Scotia
What is the average salary of an Occupational Health Nurse?
OHNANS has done salary surveys of OHN working in the field. This information is available by contacting, executive members of the association.
Who is the OHNANS' member?
Occupational Health Nurses or nurses interested in the field of Occupational Health. Associate members are also welcome.
What is OHNANS' purpose?
To promote and support OH nurses in NS.
To provide OH nursing educational opportunities.
To network with OH nurses.
To lobby for public awareness for OH nurses.
To provide communication for OH nursing issues.
What do the members want from OHNANS?
Affordable continuing education Guidelines
Leadership skills
More members
Up to date information
What do Occupational Health Nurses Do?
Occupational Health Nurses (OHN’s) provide primary health care, manage occupational health programs, conduct health surveillance, design programs to promote health, safety, environmental, wellness and hazards reduction, integrate disability management with benefits programs and coordinate extended health care services for employees with complex illnesses or injuries.
What opportunities for job shadowing are available?
Occupational Health Nurses are employed throughout Nova Scotia in many types of industries, companies, hospitals, institutions and work areas. Industrial locations such as manufacturing plants, offshore, service industries such as insurance companies and independent practice are among the many opportunities for students to learn about occupational health nursing.
What can students expect to learn?
Depending on the length of placement, workplace and projects completed, students can expect to obtain at least an overview of occupational health nursing. Being involved in program planning, implementation and evaluation as well as more specific learning experiences will vary according to placement.
What is expected of students while job shadowing?
Students are expected to abide by workplace policies and procedures, sign waivers as required by the sponsoring workplace and receive guidance and supervision by the OHN being shadowed.
Why are OHN's interested in mentoring students?
Students are the future to promote and carry on the Occupational Safety, Wellness, Environmental and Health in the community. We’ve all been helped along the way and new ideas from students are always helpful to any workplace.